The Ritual

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Routine becomes ritual with this daily treatment oral care set. This bundle contains 2 full-size items from OJOOK, including the Toothpaste with nHA and Bamboo Salt, and the Silk Floss with Bamboo Salt and Beeswax
Bundle Includes +
1. OJOOK - Toothpaste with nHA and Bamboo Salt, 85 g ($28)
2. OJOOK - Silk Floss with Bamboo Salt and Beeswax, 30 m ($18)

Total value: $46

Step 1: Treat and prep with Silk Floss 
Flossing first means it becomes an essential first step, rather than an afterthought. In fact, this study shows flossing first can help prevent cavities and make active ingredients even more effective.

Step 2: Restore and rebalance with Toothpaste 
Two hero ingredients within OJOOK's toothpaste, nano-hydroxyapatite, and Jukyeom, restore and refresh your teeth on a physical and alchemical level.

A great way to familiarise yourself with OJOOK and allow it to be part of your daily ritual.  

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