About Us

SKNEDIT is pronounced [skin ed-it], i.e. “skin + edit”.

Who we are.​ We are an online destination of skincare products carefully curated for different skin types and skin issues. We understand that skincare is extremely personal, and can oftentimes be very confusing. We are here to guide you through the endless sea of beauty products - only recommending what we love and what we truly feel actually works for your skin (backed by science of course!).

What we believe.​ We believe that by placing skincare knowledge into the hands of our customers, the more power they will hold in face of clever marketing by the beauty industry. By sharing our knowledge of how to understand product labels and the data behind skincare ingredients, we believe everyone can enjoy skincare by being informed and happy.​ 

Our promise. W​e promise to help you build an effective skincare routine, educate you about what you put on your face and ultimately feel good in your skin. ​Let us help you achieve healthy, happy skin.