YY Petite Pink

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Ying Yi Wellness' YY Petite Pink contains 3 tea bags from their iconic Pink Pack from their popular Period Care Routine. It is specifically designed to be consumed during the first 3 days of your period and helps relieve common menstrual symptoms during those tender days, especially cramps.

Carefully formulated with natural herbs and ingredients to suit the tropical Southeast Asian climate, the Pink Pack is safe to consume for women of all ages and exudes a blend of fruity, gentle and soothing flavours, with a hint of cinnamon scent to provide some comfort during what can be the most trying time of the month.

Includes: 3 tea bags.
Ladies who want some comfort whilst on their period.

• Put the tea bag in a cup.
• Pour in 300-400 mL of boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius and let it steep for around 5 minutes.
• Take out the tea bag and enjoy your tea.

The tea bag can be rebrewed up to 3 times.

We don't know about you, but we suffer from insane monthly cramps when Aunt Flo pays us a visit. We're always open to alternative ways (other than taking painkillers) to ease the pain! We noticed a significant improvement since incorporating these teas from Ying Yi Wellness into our monthly routine. What's best? It has no caffeine, so we're able to drink it throughout the day! 

Delicately balanced with ingredients derived from the Tang Kuei & Peony Formula (當歸芍藥散), the Pink Pack works to relieve lower abdominal pain while nourishing the blood and regulating the liver. The natural herbs also work to strengthen the spleen and cleanse ‘dampness’ during the most uncomfortable days of the month.

At the same time, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome and Angelica promote blood circulation, replenishing qi and relieving menstrual pain typically caused by qi stagnation.

Above all, this gentle blend of herbs also helps to calm the emotions on those days where hormones seem to be raging.

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